Acquire More Donors

Tap into eBay’s marketplace of over 167 million active buyers and acquire new donors by selling directly to them.

Over 1,000,000 eBay listings benefit charities on any given day and here’s why…


Does your charity rely on donor acquisition and funds raised from selling donated goods, branded merchandise, or symbolic charity gifts? Then start with Direct Selling on the eBay platform to reach 167 million active buyers!

1. Set Yourself Up as a Direct Seller

You will need to assign a Direct Seller who will be authorized to sell on behalf of your charity. You can have more than one! To add a Direct Seller, you will need their eBay User ID. If they don’t have their own unique login, they will need to create one on eBay here. To view the setup process for assigning a Direct Seller, please click here.

2. Have your Brand Exposed

Your charity listings will include both our signature blue and yellow charity ribbon and a trust-inspiring “giving bar” that displays your logo and mission statement to all prospective buyers.

3. Socialize It!

Use your social media, email, website, and more to encourage supporters to buy items that support your organization. We even provide easy-to-use templates to all enrolled charities! To access these resources enroll today!

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Check Out All the Programs Available Through eBay

Favorite Charities

We personalize the eBay shopping and selling experience for all supporters that identify you as their Favorite charity.

Community Selling

Engage your supporters to sell items on eBay and donate a percentage of the profits to you.

High Profile Campaigns

Leverage your celebrities, brands, and influencers to support you with unique experiences or one-of-a-kind auctions.

Direct Selling

As a charity, sell on eBay to expose your products to a massive community of 167 million active buyers…and we waive your fees.

Dedicated eBay Store

Enhance the way you merchandise your items through a dedicated eBay store.

Seasonal Marketing

Display your charity brand throughout the eBay site and community of 167 million active buyers in our emails, social channels, and more.

Gifts that Give Back

Sell symbolic donations in the eBay marketplace to our entire global community.

Exclusive Ad Packages

Advertise on eBay with special packages designed just for charity organizations.